In our factory, we produce Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone and Onyx, in forms of slab, cut to size and tile. We process various finish such as polished, Honed, brushed and sand blasted. Our production is exported to over 40 countries all over the world.

Begin close and having daily access and inspection opportunity to over 50 fantastic Marble and Travertine quarries, Our quality is higher and rates are significantly competitive to any foreign producer of Iranian stones, in Italy or else where.

Using the most sophisticated Italian marble production line, plus daily selection of the superior stone blocks; lead our quality to hit a higher standard than any other factory producing stone, in terms of color and processing quality.


SLAB: This section, with a capacity of 800 Sqm/ day, is equipped with Italian machines. Five gang saws, slab polishing machines & resin lines.

TILE: This section, whit a capacity of 600 Sqm/ shift, is equipped with the most sophisticated full automatic SIMEC tile line.

CUT TO SIZE: We produce any size, cut to size pieces as big as any slab can possibly provide, with a perfect processing & dimensional cutting quality, in massive quantities.


All necessary edge finishing, holes for fixing, etc. can be done at our factory and you can enjoy a direct delivery stones at your construction site.

SCULPTURE: We can provide the cube of GRANITE, MARBLE, TRAVERTINE, ONYX mines with different sizes.


Products: Marble Stones, Travertine Stones, Onyx Stones, Granite Stones, Limestone & installation works will be available.